50 Churches
in 15 Years

Planting Churches Across Ireland

Dreams are birthed in hope of a future that is different from today, they become reality when men and women, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, choose a posture of sacrifice and courage as they lean toward that future.

Our vision is to call and equip people of all ages and backgrounds to give their lives to the kingdom of God by planting thriving churches in the cities towns and villages across this island. We are dreaming of and praying for 50 Vineyard Churches to have been planted on this island by 2030.

Churches that are a tangible expression of Heaven on earth. We are dreaming of churches that will, win the lost, make disciples, serve the poor, create culture, transform society, develop leaders, carry the supernatural, churches that heal the sick, push back the enemy’s grip, and release the life of Jesus continually, and churches that seek to plant other churches that do the same. All as an act of worship to our glorious King Jesus.

For all who want to dream and to do, all who believe in a future where relevant, creative, reproducing and compelling outposts of the Kingdom of God cover this island. You are invited, you are welcome!

We will work alongside anyone passionate enough to intentionally explore the call of God on their life to plant a Vineyard church.

We will work alongside our local churches to serve, encourage and support in anyway we can to help them fulfil their God-given call to multiply, to reproduce, and to plant new Vineyard churches that will in turn transform their local communities.