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The journey to planting a church is not a short one. We have summarised some of the most important steps to planting with Vineyard in Ireland.

We are a relational movement, nothing matters more than making contact with other people that can help you process, pray and discern what God is speaking to you about. Below is a general overview of our process and some of the important milestones along the way.

We want to help in discerning how and where God might be calling potential planters to invest their life, whether it be church planting, site / campus pastoring, or pursuing additional training, education or healing. A number of people will feel stirred towards church planting and this discernment process will help them to determine if this is what God is calling them towards.

We have developed a relational discernment process. This starts with the local church
and works alongside the church planting team. Whilst it might be tempting to rush this process, or skip certain parts, discernment is best expressed in community and through a relational process, where we can thoroughly hear God’s voice together and follow his lead.

1. Begin a conversation

The first step for anyone who is considering planting a Vineyard church is simply to take initiative and speak out loud what you are exploring and dreaming about. 

If you are already part of a Vineyard Church, the best place to start is a conversation with your Senior Pastor.  He or she will then put you in touch with the church planting team. 

If you are not currently part of a Vineyard church, contact us here, and a member of the church planting team would schedule a time to meet and have an informal talk over a coffee.  Not a part? 

Here are some helpful questions to consider as you begin to journey and talk about church planting.

2. Friendship

The second step towards planting is building relationship.  At the heart we are a relational movement, and think of ourselves as a tribe, a family with a purpose.  We believe that we shouldn’t pursue our kingdom dreams in isolation, but rather have the privilege of following and serving Jesus in community. 

Be active in a local Vineyard church and build relationship.

If you want to seriously explore planting a Vineyard church, its essential to be a part of one.  It’s there that we encounter experience and embrace the values and DNA of the Vineyard and where you can and will be immersed in the methods, values, and relationships that make us who we are. It’s simply the best place for you to learn about who the Vineyard is and grow in your leadership potential. 

Study and embrace our statement of faith.

Get acquainted with our statement of faithWe embrace a theology deeply-rooted in Jesus’ proclamation and demonstration of the kingdom of God. You will gain the ability to discuss this thoroughly and become comfortable demonstrating it as you both study it and interact with others in the local church setting.

Serve As Much As You Can

As you press into relationship with the Vineyard, begin to serve and bless in a local Vineyard church as much as you can.  We believe that discipleship happens on mission, and part of the journey towards planting is serving other places, and other people’s vision. 

Come to everything.

Take advantage of any events, trainings, conferences, that happen across the Vineyard movement in Ireland and the UK. 

3. Reflect

Whilst growing in your connection to a local vineyard church and getting to know our vision and values as a movement; the next step in the process is to take our “online discernment tool” the results from this will help both you, your senior pastor and our church planting team discuss and discern what areas of training and experience need emphasised moving forward. The tool is not a pass fail but part of the discernment process and provide really helpful insight in planning together what to do next.

4. Training

Training is a vital piece to a church planter’s health and success.  Part of your journey towards planting a Vineyard church must include mentoring and coaching from local and regional pastors, hands on leadership experience in a local church, ongoing training in community of other planters, and theological education. 

“Church planting training begins long before most of us ever thought about church planting. Ministry, leadership and life experience from numerous contexts alongside various other training and conference environments cannot be underestimated when it comes to preparation for the real world of church planting.”
Andy Masters, Coordinator Church Planting Vineyard Ireland

Monthly Training Evenings

The monthly training evenings follow a core curriculum over a 2 year period that is focused around the essential characteristics of a pioneering leader:

  • Vision and calling
  • Communication
  • Gathering and evangelism
  • Spiritual and emotional capacity
  • Leadership and multiplication
  • Ongoing Local Church Training

Monthly training nights are not enough.  As part of the Hub training, each person will be undertaking leadership projects and mentoring within the local church.  We never want training to simply be information.  We want to put into action and practice the things we are learning.  There is no better place to train for planting than in the local church. 

Theological Training

We want all our pastor’s and planters to engage with theological education. From advice on books from your Senior Pastor to modules from the Vineyard Institute or degree level input from WTC there are several options for you to get started with this.

Ongoing Training

We would encourage all those seeking to prepare for church planting to engage in as much ongoing training as they can, pod casts, videos, conferences and seminars. Our Vineyard Training website is packed full of free resources.

Useful Links

Vineyard Institute:
Hub Training:
Vineyard Training:

5. Plant

By now you have decided that planting is for you, the vineyard is for you and both are for you now. We require all of our planters to do some detailed planning, lots of final praying and you’re then as ready to go as you’ll ever be.

  • Draft a two year plan.
  • Agreeing on a timetable with the Church Planting team, as well as your sending senior pastor.
  • Get connected to a coach as well as area and regional leaders.
  • Get going and enjoy yourself.